9 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11

MAGMA is proud to offer you refined cuisine that fuses the excellence of French gastronomy with the Japanese culinary techniques of its chef Ryuya ONO.


Passionate about French cuisine and originally from Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan, Ryuya Ono has gained valuable experience in prestigious restaurants, notably working alongside Bruno Verjus (Table**) as a sous-chef and with Sota Atsumi (Maison).

Ryuya Ono’s cuisine is a theater showcasing local and seasonal products as actors who fully and naturally express the entire range of their aromas and flavors. In a play of light and shadow, the chef reveals and highlights all the facets of his ingredients with a menu that changes daily.


At Magma, chef Ryuya Ono has developed his own culinary language: a refined cuisine where each product has its place, without superfluous decoration, firmly rooted in French techniques and a Japanese commitment to ingredient quality.

His natural inclination for seafood and poultry is complemented by a selection of noble products such as blue lobster, monkfish, and aged beef, which he handles with the precision of a goldsmith. Every ingredient is optimized, ensuring no waste. This daily cultural marriage fuels Ryuya’s creativity, as he refrains from writing fixed recipes to adapt to the uncertainties of supply. Freshness, agility, and creativity are the cornerstones of Magma’s menu, which changes daily with the seasons and according to arrivals.


On the wine side, “each” glass perfectly harmonizes with the plate, “featuring” a selection of unpretentious and resolutely natural wines (but not only), ranging from little gems to exceptional cuvées, always with respect for the land. It is in this quest for balance at every moment that Magma’s cellar gracefully avoids any untimely self-praise by exploring both French and foreign terroirs.

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9 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11
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